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Nadampadom Rubber Estate is a signature choice of destination for resourceful cover crop seeds. With impeccable blend of research tactic, state-of-the-art crop genetics, outstanding resources and superior cover crop technology for augmented production along with a pool of plantation products, Nadampadom Rubber Estate is tagged as one of the premium cover crop seeds providers in India.

Nadampadom Rubber Estate is a distinguished subsidiary of Chemmanur group of companies and is a prominent exporter of Cover Crop seeds, Tree seeds, Shrub seeds, Shade seeds, and grass seeds. The seeds are selectively collected from disease free growing fields, plantations and estates thus ensuring absolute germination rates.

It is striking that within a short time frame, we accomplished ample milestones and has been celebrated as one of the principal suppliers in India for exceptional cover crop seeds since 1951. We are amply located in Trichur, Kerala with contemporary technology and experienced professionals in this domain.

Why plant cover crops on your land?

Cover crops are leguminous creepers, which are easy to establish. They are the most desirable species of plants that can be used as ground covers in rubber and oil palm plantations, because they have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen which can later be used by the immature rubber and oil palm plants, besides the other characters common to all cover plants. Also such legume covers keep down the soil temperature during summer; they suppress the weeds and help in the proper utilization of fertilizers applied to the rubber plants.

  • Improves water and soil quality by adding soil organic matter; this creates an open soil structure that allows water in more easily, reducing runoff.
  • Protects ground water quality by preventing nitrogen from leaching into the water table.
  • Helps soil retain moisture for use by primary crops; cover crops on the soil surface reduce evaporation.

The time and method of cover crop establishment should be tailored to the cover crop species, local environment and farming operation. And we are always working on crafting remarkable new cover crops to support soil health, conservation and water quality concerns.

With a surfeit of national and international activities, we work closely with botanists, farmers, soil scientists and other specialists to make sure that seeds you buy from Nadampadom Rubber Estate perform consistently year after year.

Nadampadom Rubber Estate exports quality seeds to different parts of the world including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Holland, Brazil, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Uganda. We work hard to supply the premium cover crop varieties available anywhere in the world considering the present agricultural necessities of vibrant society. This quality focused viewpoint makes Nadampadom Rubber Estate an unbeatable cover crop supplier for rubber and oil palm plantations.